Ashley Woodrum

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Ashley Woodrum

Dead Head Chemistry

Final on-press screen printed shirt with custom mixed fluorescent yellow & gray water-based ink

Initial rough sketch

Ink drawing cleaned up in Photoshop

Final branding

Initial shirt mock-up

Back tag screen print, originally hand drawn & converted to vector

Final labels were printed with silver metallic & fluorescent yellow ink

Branding for a special release craft beer. The client was looking for a lowbrow, skater-inspired illustration that reflected the beer’s explosion of taste.. and alcohol content. This brew packs a whopping 15.8% ABV!

I hand-illustrated the graphic, then transformed it into a vector image ready for labels & apparel. We chose to opt for a simple, yet striking, color scheme of fluorescent yellow, silver & black. The radiating color reflected the nuclear effect that I was going for.

  • Role Graphic Designer / Illustrator

  • For Deviate Brewing

  • Type Branding, Illustration

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