Ashley Woodrum

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Ashley Woodrum

Deviate Beer Labels

Special collaboration beer between Deviate & Black Acre

Various labels for limited edition brews. These beers were only exclusive to Drinking Club members, with a limit of 2 bottles per customer.

The client was specific as far as the direction to go in & while some of the ideas were a bit eccentric, I did the best to my ability to create appealing graphics. The brewery itself is known for it’s eclectic pairings & substantial use of bourbon barrels in their blends.

Most of these were also done on a limited budget, with a 3 spot color max imprint (excluding Hop Lunacy, which was a 4 color process print). The vendor only had a select handful of stock colors available, which limited creating complex color palettes as well. It’s surprising how difficult I learned it can be working with only about 15 color options!

  • Role Graphic Designer

  • For Deviate Brewing

  • Type Packaging Design

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