Concert Posters

Posters that I designed for live music shows in Indy & Chicago. I was inspired from everything from vintage pulp fiction novels to 80's Russian spies.

With each of these projects, I was able to push my typographic layering, color theory, & illustration skills. I also discovered my love of using halftones & applying multiplying effects to add a bit more retro charm!

Poster created for a show in Chicago at the famous Schuba’s Bar and Concert Hall.

Poster for a private show. I also created limited edition tickets to coincide with the poster, which was sold at the event.

Poster created for a friend’s birthday show. All of the characters are hand illustrated and then put into Illustrator.

  • Role Graphic Designer / Illustrator

  • For Gloryhole Records / Personal

  • Type Advertisements

  • Graphic Design Illustrator & Photoshop

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